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Introduction and cases' effect pictures of stainless steel slot drain

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Stainless steel slot drain is with novel design and practical style, very popular with people, it can be seen in more and more places. Stainless steel slot drain can be divided into single slot, double slot and triple slot, the slot can be set in the middle or side according to the actual use of situation, it has high flexibility and can be customized.

Polymer concrete drain with slot drain cover

Stainless steel slot drain(single slot)

It is made of 201/304 stainless steel, only a slot less than two centimeters will be left after installation. The width of slot is only 12 mm, and no more than 15 mm. In order to prevent woman's high heels from stepping in, the width of slot cover is in commonly 10 mm or 12 mm. The effect of pavement is more hidden and beautiful, the linear design gives person concise and unified feeling, it continuous intercepts water, has very high drainage efficiency, is very suitable for installation in commercial block, pedestrian street and other places.

Single slit drain

Stainless steel slot drain(double slot)

The stainless steel double slot cover is designed for the places with intensive human flow. Its feature is small slot, which can make some small and regular objects pass through without getting stuck. Its use is safe and reliable in any pedestrian area, and it retains the function of drainage. Unique double slot design, simple line, silver appearance, modern idea, it adds the beautiful effect of ground pavement. Easy and convenient installation, long service life, low maintenance cost, which is deeply chosen by a few landscape design architecture or landscape garden design floor is laid.

Multi-slot drain

Stainless steel slot drain (triple slot)

A lot of people may not know why the slot cover is divided into single slot, double slot and multiple slot. Is there any difference between them except the number of slots? The answer is: the bigger the slot, the bigger the displacement. Therefore, the biggest feature of the triple slot cover is the large displacement. Customers can use different slots according to the installation of the ground, combine with the actual size of displacement for corresponding matching. The design of triple slot can reduce the risk of blockage in drainage system, solve the problem of difficult drainage in rainy season and water on road surface, which has been widely used in square, high-grade residential area and other places, it will not affect the overall aesthetic effect of ground pavement, but also greatly improve the drainage efficiency.

Slot drainage system collection well

In general, stainless steel slot drain regardless of several slots, its novel and unique design has been deeply loved by everyone, recognized by many construction projects. Beautiful appearance, unique product material, easy installation and transportation, high drainage efficiency, etc. The advantages are very obvious for construction which can be said one of the must-have products of drainage facility.

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