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What factors affect the price of resin drain cover?

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Resin drain is of high cost performance in the market of drain, so it is popular. It can be applied to different environments, it is durable with a long lifetime. As we know, the drainage channel is indispensable in urban construction, and has a great influence on our life. If the quality is poor, it often appears surface gathers water which will affect our life. Therefore, drain is important, good drain is more important, it can drain better and build a green city.

resin drain cover

Except for the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, pressure resistance and smooth surface, the resin drain also has various covers, we could choose different styles of covers according to our own needs. Different covers have different functions, such as slot cover, it can be used for pedestrian area, not only does not affect aesthetics, but also drains which achieves dual purposes. It has a variety of materials and stainless steel aesthetics. Ductile cast iron slot cover has large density, high loading class and pressure resistance. So different drain covers have different prices. At present, resin drain cover is hot sell, the style is similar to ductile cast iron drain cover’s, the color is similar to resin concrete drainage channel’s. Resin material with drainage channel is a beautiful combination. Then what factors affect the price of resin drain cover? Let’s see the following.

resin drainage channel

1.The influence of drain cover’s raw material.

Resin drain cover adopts polymer composites and framework of steel reinforcement, is made by high temperature mold pressing surface, it has good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and has better technical performance and practicability to compare with similar products, such as cast iron and cement covers. The main ingredients are resin and fiberglass, these two materials affect the price of drain cover.

2.The specification of cover impacts the price of drain cover.

Different specifications have different materials. The larger specification,the higher price, and the thicker thickness, the higher price.

3.Different raw materials is the main factor which affects the price.

Different raw materials have different prices. Some expensive materials create higher price of drain covers.

4.The product quantity is also a significant reason which determines the price is high or low.

It is easy to understand that we order more, we can naturally negotiate the price with seller. For manufacturer, the more quantity, the less consumption and time consumption, and the lower price.

resin drainage channel case

In summary, the price of resin drain cover is affected by raw material, specification, purchase quantity, the above are about the factors affect the price of resin drain cover.

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