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Linear drainage channel — Good drainage system of urban construction projects

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Linear drainage channel is a good drainage channel and indispensable for any urban construction project, such as commercial streets and district squares, etc. If there's no excellent drainage system in these urban construction projects, natural rainfall, sewage, and waste water will not quickly drain into underground pipes, then the environment will be seriously polluted, and bring great inconvenience to us. The cost-effective drainage channel has reasonable design structure, prevents the hydrops from basic level, effectively eliminates the hydrops and impurity, and avoids pipe blockage. As we know, the linear drainage channel is chosen by more and more construction projects and widely used for its advantages. The below content is about the advantages and features of linear drainage channel.

Trench Drain With Slot Cover

1.Resin concrete material, good quality.

Linear drainage channel adopts new-style resin concrete, is processed by durable material. It has advantages of high quality, high strength and light weight. The pressure resistance class is much more higher than common cement products, and it is waterproof and freeze resistant, it can also prevent a variety of aggressive chemicals. It is durable under the condition of sewage with complex components. The high quality linear drainage channel is ideal for commercial streets and city squares.

Brick slot drainage system

2.It can be used with sump pit, maintenance free.

A lot of linear drainage channels are used in large spaces like squares and football fields. We would recommend a sump pit at some distance apart. With sump pit, it makes cleaning and maintenance job easier. And the corresponding sump pit can be chosen according to the linear drainage channel of engineering design, it has top slot and side slot, is flexible in use.

Linear drainage well

3.A variety of covers can be selected, powerful decoration effect.

The drain and cover of linear drainage are separated, therefore, you can choose the suitable cover in accordance with different site construction environments and loading classes. It is flexible, unlike integrated drainage channel which is connected and limited. The linear drainage channel can be used with all decorative material of ground. It looks uniform and neat after paving. It doesn't cause discordance, and has strong decorative function, so it is suitable to install in the spaces of landscapes or pedestrian streets.

Linear drain cover

4.U-style section design improves drainage capacity.

The unique U-style section design of linear drainage channel makes its section effectively improves drainability, enhances self-purification function. The drainability is greatly increased to compare with traditional drainage channel, it also has a high degree of self-cleaning for its smooth inner wall makes all dirt not easy to adhere to. High cleanliness, and not easy to block after long-term use, it can self clean during flowing which is easy to clean and maintain.

Ductile iron drain

In conclusion, the drainage channel has these remarkable advantages, is a good drainage system of urban construction projects. We can see drainage channel everywhere in city, such as bustling commercial streets, beautiful landscape areas and living quarters closely related to us. The drainage channel not only meets the drainage demands of these areas, but also does not affect the aesthetics and neatness which makes urban construction more colorful.

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