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How far is it to install a sump pit of linear drainage channel?

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The sump pit of linear drainage channel is recommended to be installed in 20, 30 or 50 meters according to different places and requirements.

Here are some factors affect the hydraulic performance of linear drainage system:

1. The quantity and position of outlet

The outlet of the linear drainage system is connected with the municipal rain pipes, its position and quantity will affect the hydraulic performance of the system.

Linear drop well location

If there is only one outlet at the end of a long channel, it is very likely that there will be a full flow at the beginning of the ditch due to the limited drainage capacity. The solution is to choose a larger trench or increase the number of outfalls.

If the ground has no slope and is close to or adjusted to the municipal rainwater sump pit, then the position of the drainage outlet can be considered to be placed in the middle of the trench, and the effective length of the trench hydraulic calculation can be shortened, thus improving the drainage capacity of the system.

Linear drop well position in the middle

2.Ground slope

The drainage channel with longitudinal grade can improve the flow velocity and hydraulic self-purification capacity.

Linear drainage slope

In the construction and installation of linear drainage channel, it is generally recommended to arrange a sump pit at a distance of 20-50 meters, so as to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance work. The sump pit, is a well covered with building blocks at intervals when underground pipes are laid, or at bends which makes the usual pipe inspection and dredge convenient.

Linear drainage system overhaul

A lot of linear drainage channels are used in large spaces like square, football field, we would advise to install a sump pit from a distance of 20 to 50 meters. If there's any garbage in linear drainage channel when draining, it will be rushed into sump pit which will not create drain blockage and poor drainage of linear drainage channel. What's more, it is easy to clear for maintenance staff, they just need to open the the cover of sump pit, pick up the waste basket inside and remove the garbage in the cleaning, which is convenient and quick.

Falling water well

The construction method of sump pit

The sump pit is very important and widely used in the linear drainage channel system.

1.When the water course is too long, install the sump pit in the midpiece to directly connect with the municipal drainage pipe.

2. Install the sump pit every 20-50 meters, and install an inspection opening on the sump pit, which can be opened and dredged when the drain is blocked.

3. Put a stainless steel waste basket in the sump pit, lift the basket at a fixed time to clean up the garbage and keep the ditch clean.

Linear drop well installation

Linear drainage system installation

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