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The advantages and applications of drainage channel with slot cover

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The drainage channel with slot cover is not strange to many builders and construction parties. It is a cost-effective drain with good drainage effect and beautiful appearance after installation. According to our statistics, after looking at the actual pictures of our products, there are 80% of customers are consulting drain with slot cover, taking a fancy to it at a glance, and the tie-in stainless steel slot cover is a main point. Drainage channel with grate cover must have its unique advantages which can stand out in many drains, let's see the following advantages and applications of drainage channels.

Side seam slot drain

The advantages of drainage channel with slot cover

1. The drainage channel with slot cover has different designs, "V" type or "U" type, which is designed to make the special mechanism of drainage channel more powerful for water conservancy performance, enhance the automatic cleaning function of drainage channel, solve the traditional cleaning problem of drain, and fully meet the requirements of low cost, high structure and best quality.

2. The drainage channel with slot cover breaks through tradition, the use of resin concrete material can be more easy to transport and install under the situation of weight reduction, and the material has a long lifetime in the performance of anti-aging, antifreeze, anti-corrosion, etc. And its bearing strength and permeability of smooth surface, and so on will be the best efficiency.

3. The novel design breaks through the tradition and can give people a laconic vision. The drainage of continuous structure interception not only makes it more efficient, but also solves the essence of building materials to the greatest extent.

4. The inspection of slot design is excellent in installation. It is deep in construction, and even the installation and construction is extremely fast, can be carried out in advance, can also greatly shorten the construction period, increase the strength of the whole project.

The applications of drainage channel with slot cover

1. Municipal and commercial districts

The design of drainage channel is more novel, covert, can integrate with slot drainage system to achieve aesthetic effect to make it more widely used in commercial block. At the same time, the surface does not scale, is more smooth and even special structure section can also increase the drainage capacity, has good drainage performance, can quickly drain after the rain water. The drainage capacity is not weak as cement drainage channel, not entrapped water and provide convenience to commercial blocks.

Slot drain case

2. Upscale residential areas

The drainage channel is often used in upscale residential areas. It may adopt the more convenient installation in the civil building sites, and the diversity of color uneven design greatly meet the maximization of the owner's aesthetic design requirements.

Slot drain effect

3. Parks, scenic spots, etc.

It is most suitable for using drainage channel with slot cover in the parks and scenic spots, especially its beauty is completely in line with such places, the premise of solving the drainage function can be more perfectly greening parks, scenic spots and other places. Also adding some clever skills and creativity to reflect the effect of the art, and it can effectively protect the ground and the service life of the building. In the premise of ensuring aesthetics, mutual combination makes it more practical and beautiful.

Slot drain system

4. After looking all these, the unique advantages of drainage channel with slot cover may conquer you, it is a good choice under the situation of not too big loading class. Moreover, the above listed that the drainage channel used in municipal administrations, commercial blocks, high-grade residential areas, parks, scenic spots is just a part of prominent places, the use of the drainage channel with slot cover is very extensive.

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