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Square linear drainage channel-how to drain for the leisure square’s drainage channel cover?

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Every year in the rainy season, many places will be flooded by heavy rain, such as garages and sunken squares. Square is crowded with people, also a city landmark place, therefore, drainage is an important problem not be ignored. If it drains badly in square, it will inevitably cause pedestrians inconvenience, which will affect urban districts, so the consideration of drainage will be involved in the construction of square, otherwise during the storm each year, it will be a problem for square drainage, so today we'll explore how the square linear drainage channel and drainage cover drain away water.


Sewage pipeline: the current flow of sewage pipeline cannot be determined simply according to the planned population density, but should be determined by theoretical analysis or flow monitoring according to the actual service population and groundwater infiltration data.

Rain (confluence) pipeline: compared with the sewer, the design flow of the rain (confluence) is not only closely related to rainfall, but also to consider the influence and tolerance of rainstorm, therefore, the influence factors of rain (confluence) pipeline temporary drainage measure design flow include blocking time and length, the importance of the project area, the importance of blocked pipe, the recoverability of blocked pipe and current pipeline flow or drainage capacity limits, etc.

When the blocking time of rainwater (confluence) pipe spans from 6 to 9 months, it will bring great pressure of drainage and waterlogging prevention. When the blocking time is in April, May and October, there is also a certain probability of heavy precipitation, and the longer the blocking period, the higher the probability.

Rainstorm waterlogging (standing water) cannot be called a disaster unless it poses a threat to the hazard-bearing body (people or property, etc.). Different regions have different population, wealth accumulation and urban infrastructure functions, as well as different impacts of rainstorm and waterlogging exposure.


How to drain for leisure square-the safe tips of square:

The linear drainage capacity of some blocked pipelines is unrecoverable during the construction period, such as the need to occupy the pipe space, the temporary relocation of pipelines, etc., which can only be restored after the closure project. However, the drainability of some linear sealing pipe can be temporarily restored, such as in the construction site, it is given priority to protect the pipeline structure, during the maintenance operations, to ensure staff safety and effective operation of block, etc., when the pipeline faces short periods of heavy rainfall which exceeds its drainage capacity, the drainage function can be restored within 12h as required. For the latter case, the standard of provisional drainage can be reduced appropriately.

In order to avoid that the linear design flow of temporary drainage measure is larger than the current drainage capacity of drainage pipes, which is not match with the square linear drainage capacity of upstream and downstream and is result in waste of facility capacity. Therefore, the final design flow of temporary drainage measure should be compared with the current drainage capacity of drainage pipes and take a smaller value.


Square drain cover

Square is a place where people come together, so there's parking lot around. Drain cover designed and installed in square must be able to conform to the bearing requirements of the square drainage. It should be measured according to the types of cars, the bearing design of drainage channel and cover should base on the vehicle types to choose, only in this way, which can more accurately meet the specific drainage requirements of stainless steel slot drainage channel and present more accurate drainage.


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