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Precast drainage channel, a new generation of urban drainage system

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With the quick pace of urbanization construction, there are more and more urban infrastructures, urban drainage system plays an increasingly important role in the construction of urbanization, the precast drainage channel is an important part of urban infrastructure. In addition to bringing direct influence to people's normal life and work, precast drainage channel in urban drainage system also seriously restricts social stability and harmonious development. In the process of urban drainage system construction, traditional drainage channel inevitably exists some problems. In the early 20th century, the precast drainage channel, a new generation of urban drainage system, which introduced foreign advanced production technology, urban drainage system construction of precast drainage channel is constantly improving.

Linear drainage system

There are many problems in urban drainage system of traditional drainage channel. 

Low standard of design, poor drainage capacity, aging of pipes, serious leakage and blockage of pipe interface and other problems are the important causes of urban waterlogging and groundwater pollution in our country, which not only seriously affects the daily life and work of urban residents, but also damages the stability and harmony of society.

Firstly, the function of traditional drainage channel is imperfect.

The acceleration of urbanization leads to the continuous increase of urban construction area, but the traditional drains failed to get timely renovation construction, the service area of traditional drainage channel cannot match the intensity of urban construction, the incomplete coverage makes the urban water environment worse, urban sewage wastewater infiltration of, urban sewage seeps into groundwater and pollutes water resources. In addition, the old drainage system used for years, the design standard is low, the drainage pipe diameter is small, affected by aging of pipelines, uneven settlement of pipeline interfaces and other factors, the pipe is seriously deposited, the drainage capacity of pipe is reduced, and the lack of reasonable and effective renovation construction lead to imperfect functions of urban drainage system.

Secondly, the layout of urban drainage system is chaotic.

In the early time, the problem of urban drainage system construction in China is the high level of drainage system construction in new urban areas, but drainage construction in the old city is backward. What's more, the urban drainage system of traditional drainage channel is generally "heavy rain, light sewage", some old urban areas are still lack of perfect drainage system, most of the drainage systems in the old urban areas adopt the combined drainage system of rain and sewage, a large amount of sewage is discharged directly into the river system in rainy season . On the other hand, in terms of the layout of sewage treatment plants, considering the shortage of construction land in old urban areas, there are few sewage treatment facilities and no expansion conditions which leading to the insufficient treatment capacity of urban drainage system.

Stainless steel grating drainage channel

Precast drainage channel, a new generation of urban drainage system

Precast drainage channel is the mainstream of urban sewerage system, a new generation of urban drainage system, the drainage system of precast drainage channel is made up of resin concrete drain, grate cover(cast iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel), sump pit, end baffle and municipal rainwater pipeline interface. Precast drainage channel is with u-shaped cross section, long service life, corrosion resistance and high strength, etc. With stainless steel, galvanized steel and cast iron grate cover, it can apply to various loading levels(A15 - E600) of the EU regulations, it is widely used in commercial street of the city squares, residential areas, landscapes, municipal roads, railway stations, parks and other places.

The features of precast drainage channel:

1. Light weight, easy installation and strong bearing capacity.

2. Long lifespan, ageing resistance, good stability, strong frost resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

3. Smooth surface, good drainage performance, low water absorption permeability.

4. U-shaped section can increase drainage capacity and strengthen self-cleaning function.

5. Fast installation and cheap installation cost.

6. Beautiful design of artificial ground.

7. Standard length of drainage channel: 1000mm.

8. According to European standard EN1433.

Slot drainage ditch

Precast drainage channel is as the important infrastructure of urbanization construction, the urban drainage system of precast drainage channel plays an important role in urban residents' daily life and work. For the problems of our country's traditional drain construction, a new generation of precast drainage channel properly optimize the urban drainage system, the recycling and regeneration of drainage channel system improve the utilization of water resources and ensure the normal operation of urban drainage system.

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