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The advantages of choosing good manufacturer's polymer concrete drainage channel

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Polymer concrete precast drainage channel is with unique advantages and defeats the traditional drain, occupies the market main body and is widely used. The corresponding polymer concrete drainage manufacturers emerge in endlessly, so it is vital for engineering buyers to choose a satisfactory polymer concrete drain manufacturer among the wide variety of drain manufacturers. Choosing a good polymer concrete drain manufacturer can bring the following advantages:

U-shaped drainage ditch

1.Polymer concrete precast drainage channel is heat, cold, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, has long lifespan.

Freezing and thawing have no impact on drain, will not brittle or destructive, has good climate adaptability.

2.Undetectable linear drainage seam.

Polymer concrete drainage channel with stainless steel slot grate cover, is concealable and beautiful, presents a simple and continuous slot drainage beautiful effect, does not affect the ground pavement which can be compatible with all ground materials.

Stainless steel grating drainage channel

3. Smooth surface, does not need deep ditching.

Easy construction and fast installation can ensure the delivery of the construction time.

4. Resin drainage channel has a long life and easy maintenance.

Resin drainage channel does not need to be cleaned often, and the installation is convenient and fast. The construction surface is small which reduces the related work materials and greatly reduces labor costs. It is an economical and practical product with high comprehensive cost performance.

Ductile iron drainage channel

5. Green environmental protection.

The product selects green high-quality connector and green environmental protection material, which will not be affected by environmental factors and release harmful substances, without chemical residue, and will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is an ideal environmentally friendly building material.

6. Stable quality and high cost performance.

Fujian Yete Industry Co., Ltd. has no customer complaint rate within warranty period. So far, the drainage channel well installed, has no complaint about reworking. Many new customers contact us when they see the installation and completion effect of our products, and many are introduced by old customers. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, which is also a strong affirmation of our quality.

Slot drain

7. Perfect logistic system and professional after-sales service.

We have professional logistic cooperative partners, such as S.F. Express, Deppon, as well as special logistic lines with regional advantages, contracts are signed to ensure product quality and delivery time. This ensures that there is no damage to our goods in the logistic process, and even if there is damage, we can give compensation in the first time. We will provide professional guidance for customers who have requirements for installation, especially for those who have high requirements for aesthetics. Fujian Yete Industry Co., Ltd. has industry advantages in special angle drainage channel cutting and installation guidance.  

Fujian Yete Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on polymer concrete precast drainage channel, sponge city, resin concrete linear drainage system originated in European countries which has good drainage capacity and is very suitable for installation in the place where the pavement requirements are relatively high.

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