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How to create landscape elements for linear landscape drainage ditch?

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Nowadays, with the development of technology, people's living standards have been gradually improved, and the requirements for quality of life are becoming higher and higher. Usually, when traveling, the visual requirements of the landscape are more demanding. So how to design linear landscape drainage ditch and create landscape elements?01.png 

The landscape elements of the linear landscape drainage ditch are mainly divided into three categories:

First, the decorative type, ornaments that focus on decoration, such as artworks and sculptures in urban spaces.

Second, the functional type, which is mainly based on its functionality, its decoration should be integrated with the surrounding environment, and it should not be too prominent, such as drains, fences, railings, handrails, decorative manhole covers (invisible manhole covers), gutter gratings, road barriers, etc.

Third, the mixed type, that is, a landscape element that has equal function and decoration, such as paving, seats, tree ponds, and so on.02.png

The linear drainage ditch is designed between the landscape garden road and greenery, and rainwater from the green belt and the garden road is collected at the same time and drained into the rainwater outlet. The linear landscape drainage ditch effectively blocks the pollution of the muddy water in the green belt to the road surface. Free form of design, flexible setting according to the form of the road. Black pebbles are placed inside, from the top of the landscape drainage ditch, it is a black pebble belt. It is a constituent element of the garden landscape drainage ditch, which can beautify the environment and hide the drainage ditch.


Among them, the second type is purely functional landscape element, which is often not paid much attention to, but it is an indispensable and important item in landscape design. In fact, if this kind of functional landscape element is well designed, it can also become a good environmental decoration. The linear landscape drainage ditch, as an important member of it, how to design to be a qualified member of the landscape elements?

1. Space definition, strengthen the sense of place

When the colors of floor paving materials are the same, linear drainage ditches are used to define and divide the space to strengthen the sense of regional place.

2. Pavement boundary, distinguish different functional areas

Taking advantage of position particularity of the landscape drainage ditches, as a boundary change line for different paving materials or mosaics, it also serves as a division and warning for different functional zones.

3. Pavement decoration, have a certain guiding effect

Using the straight line and dot matrix characteristics of linear landscape drainage ditches or outfalls, in the form of a combination of dots and lines, it plays a certain role of guidance and emphasis.


The role of drainage ditches is to lead side ditches, intercepting ditches, and other sources of water flow to the designated location of the outside subgrade range. The traditional drainage ditch method: adopt green invisible drainage, when the water flows too large, the muddy water overflows and directly flushes to the road surface. The road surface is polluted, which affects the park landscape perception.

As a member of landscape elements, linear landscape drainage ditches often use resin concrete drainage ditches in conjunction with slot covers, which are very common slot drainage ditches. It can be integrated with the surrounding environment, has not abrupt environmental visual effect. At the same time, it can also well play the unique drainage performance of the polymer concrete drainage ditch. Slot drainage ditch leaves only a 15-20mm gap on the pavement surface, the effect is relatively concealed appearance, very suitable for the commercial streets, shopping areas, high-end residential areas, hotels, garden landscapes and other outdoor drainage systems which have strict requirement of paving landscape. It should be noted that the choice of the number of gaps in the cover of the drainage ditch should be made after understanding the amount of local rainfall. Middle slot or side slot should be determined according to the construction environment and other factors.

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