• A construction case of polymer concrete U-shaped finished drainage ditches.
    A construction case of polymer concrete U-shaped finished drainage ditches.
    Polymer concrete U-shaped finished drainage channels are formed by mixing and reacting different grades of aggregate by resin, which has the advantages of high strength and light weight. The pressure grade of products is several times higher than that of ordinary cement products, and because the drainage system is completely modular, it is easier to manually operate and assemble dur...
  • Municipal sewer systems
    Municipal sewer systems
    This is the linear drainage system used by the city for municipal road reconstruction projects. The engineering quantity is 1200 meters.
  • Transportation site
    Transportation site
    Polymer concrete is drained to the US, container shipping site.
  • Parking exit drain
    Parking exit drain
    Polymer concrete drain in basement parking lot
  • Roadside landscape drain
    Roadside landscape drain
    The application of YETE stainless steel drainage cover in landscape engineering, engineering quantity: 2000 meters.
  • Indoor linear drain cover
    Indoor linear drain cover
    YETE polymer linear drain and stainless steel tank cover for factory indoor drain
  • Stainless steel grille drain cover
    Stainless steel grille drain cover
    The sidewalk drain pipe adopts stainless steel tweezers drainage cover, the drainage ditch has good performance, beautiful appearance, economical and durable.
  • Ductile iron drain pipe
    Ductile iron drain pipe
    Roadside ductile iron drain pipe
  • Road Kerb Drainage Channel
    Road Kerb Drainage Channel
    The Road Kerb drainage channel combines the functions of curbstones and gutters, making it the perfect choice for urban roads.

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