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YETE specialized in Municipal Drainage System products, the products range are resin polymer concrete linear drainage channel、precast polymer concrete u drainage channel, polymer concrete sump pit、resin polymer concrete road kerb,stainless steel grate cover, galvanized steel grating cover, ductile cast iron grate cover,polymer concrete grating cover and slot style steel cover(side slot or middle slot)and other drainage channel product kits. We have many years’ exporting and OEM experience.

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  • Stainless Steel Drain Cover

    Stainless Steel Drain Cover

    Stainless steel drain cover, good drainage performance, beautiful appearance, affordable, widely used in kitchens, swimming pools, sidewalks, etc.

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  • Polymer Trench Cover With Grille

    Polymer Trench Cover With Grille

    The polymer drainage cover With grille, good drainage performance, beautiful appearance and affordable price, and is widely used in various fields.

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  • Recessed Stainless Steel Manhole Cover

    Recessed Stainless Steel Manhole Cover

    Recessed Steel Manhole Covers to prevent odour entering the property. They are recessed to take screed infill and can then be tiled or filled with a vinyl floor covering in order to make the manhole cover more discrete.

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  • Stainless Steel Plant Grass Manhole Cover

    Stainless Steel Plant Grass Manhole Cover

    Yete Stainless Steel Plant Grass Manhole Cover are made of stainless steel grade 304 in one stamping process, which are characterized by long service life, high compressive strength and easy installation.

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  • Comb Profile Drainage Channel

    Comb Profile Drainage Channel

    The height of comb profile drainage channel is only 50mm, it can be used under the restriction of high floor.No moving parts, no noise.One-time polymer concrete molding, loading class is C250.Easy installation and blind path instruction.

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  • Track Drain

    Track Drain

    Track drain is a linear modular drainage system, it is specially designed for urban drainage needs. The product takes the energy-saving, environmental, new construction material as the raw material, resin is used to replace cement in traditional concrete. It has the characteristics of high pressure and folding resistance, frost resistance, non-corrosion, non-weathering, convenient installation, easy maintenance, integrated molding, beautiful appearance and so on. With ductile cast iron grate cover, it is applicable to loading class specified in EN1433. It can meet the drainage requirements of railway trains.

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